College Readiness and Success

This class speaks to what aspiring college students should start doing to prepare for going to college.

Character Education

Would you like your students to be strong leaders? Hazing, Bullying, Social Media Behavior and Implications and more!

Financial Education and Literacy

We teach students the basics of online banking and internet security. From password protection to compound interest.

Study Skills

We teach students how to develop a "go to" strategy for success. From choosing the best times to study, to identifying the best learning environments.

Time Management

Our Time Management class teaches students techniques on how to organize and use their  time more efficiently. 

Job Interview Skills

This two part class is designed to prepare students for their first job interview. The part of class will be divided into instruction and mock interviews.

Nutrition - Eating for Success

Our Nutritionist will inform middle school and high school students on proper caloric intake and the best foods to eat in accordance to their daily activities and schedules.

Organization Skills

We provide students the tools and techniques to organize their busy schedules. From sports to homework to community service, we teach young people how to be more efficient and responsible with their time.

Dining Etiquette

From reservation to tip, and all in between. We teach young people the dos and don'ts of eating out. Including how to identify eating utensils and proper tip calculation.

Resume Writing

This class targets adults and teaches not just what a resume should look like, but what it should say. It walks you step-by-step through the creation of the most common sections found on resumes in today's job market.

Networking 101

This class is for adults and addresses the basics of business networking and provides best practices, proven tips and practical techniques for growing a professional network. 

NCAA Clearinghouse

This class targets coaches , athletes and parents and provides the most recent requirements to be eligible to receive a sports scholarship from the NCAA.