Enrichment Programs

College Ready's educational enrichment classes are designed to supplement LEA curriculum through in-school assemblies and classes as well as after school classes. Time Management, Financial Education and Litieracy, Study Skills and Job Interview Skills are just a few of the classes we offer to middle and high school students.

Adult Education

College Ready's adult education curriculum is designed to provide parents the information they need to prepare their students as well as themselves for the journey to higher education. From assistance with FAFSA and CSS Profile Forms, to Interview Skills and Networking 101. College Ready helps inform parents about how to create a college-going environment. and how to make college more affordable.

Our Customers

We offer a wide variety of services that are aimed to enhance the education of students from K-12th grade as well as promote higher education. We work with community centers, churches, elementary, middle and high schools, civic groups, military families and sports teams and organizations.